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Product   Description   Price
A-610 Pipe Mounting Kit for Dwyer Gages_THUMBNAIL
Pipe mounting kit for 1-1/4" to 2" pipe.

A-630 SS Angle Bracket_THUMBNAIL
SS angle type bracket with SS bolts

A-631 SS Flat Bracket_THUMBNAIL
SS flat type bracket with SS bolts

A-700 Power Supply_THUMBNAIL
Power supply. Convert AC to DC to run Dwyer transmitters
$81.95 Pricing

-B Brass Case option for Dwyer Capsuhelic water application_THUMBNAIL
Brass Case for Dwyer Capsuhelic water application

BBV-1F Flanged 3-valve block manifold_THUMBNAIL
Flanged 3-valve block manifold

BBV-22F Flanged 5-valve block manifold_THUMBNAIL
Flanged 5-valve block manifold

Dwyer DIGIHELIC LINKS Communication Software for DH and DHII DP controller/transmitters_THUMBNAIL
Configure and data log DH and DHII DP controllers

DM-1200 Air Flow Option for DigMag Gage_THUMBNAIL
Airflow option of Dwyer DigiMag Gage

HM28-0 1/8" NPT adaptor_THUMBNAIL
1/8" NPT adaptor for Dwyer HM28 Digital Manometer

HM28-1 Communication software and cable_THUMBNAIL
Communication software and cable for Dwyer HM28 Digital Manometer

HM28-2 Universal power adaptor_THUMBNAIL
Universal power adaptor for HM28 Dwyer digital manometer

HM35-1 Communication Software and Cable_THUMBNAIL
Communication Software and Cable for Series HM35 Manometer Data Loggers

HM35-2 Infrared RS232 Serial Adaptor_THUMBNAIL
Infrared RS232 Serial Adaptor for Series HM35 Manometer Data Loggers

HM35-3 External Universal Power Adapter._THUMBNAIL
External Universal Power Adapter for Series HM35 Manometer Data Loggers

HM35-PK Gas Pressure Maintenance Kit_THUMBNAIL
Gas Pressure Maintenance Kit for Series HM35 Manometer Data Loggers

HM35-VK Vacuum Pressure Maintenance Kit_THUMBNAIL
Vacuum Pressure Maintenance Kit for Series HM35 Manometer Data Loggers

Dwyer MiniNode RS485 to USB signal converter.  No external power._THUMBNAIL
Converts RS-485 to USB, Integral USB Connector, No External Power

NIST Certificate for Dwyer Meters_THUMBNAIL
NIST Certificate of Calibration

NIST certificate of calibration for Dwyer DH and DH3 DP controllers

-SP  LED Setpoint Indicator for Magnehelic Gage_THUMBNAIL
Bright red LED setpoint indicator
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