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Kanomax 3887 Airborne Particle Counter.  Accurately measure particle numbers in three size categories.
Kanomax Portable Airborne Particle Counter

Kanomax 3910 6-stage Airborne Particle Counter.  Accurately measure particle numbers in six size categories.
Kanomax 6-Stage Airborne Particle Counter

4431Kanomax Sound Level Meter
World's first 0-dB Function Sound Level Meter

6501 Kanomax Climomaster Hot Wire Thermo-Anemometer
The world's most accurate multi-function hot-wire thermo-anemometer in its class!
$980.00 Pricing

6006-0E AnemomasterLITE Hot Wire Thermo Anemometer
Palm-size and feather-weight hot-wire anemometer. Most affordable anemometer on the market!

6006-2G Spare probe for AnemomasterLITE Anemometer

6162 Kanomax High Temperature Anemometer
Measure velocity of air as hot as 752 degrees F (400 C)
$3,259.00 Pricing

Kanomax 4200 Vibration Meter
Compact Vibration Meter with RS232

Kanomax Anemomaster
Measure air velocity, temperature, volume flow and differential pressure with a single meter
$980.00 Pricing
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