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Product   Description   Price
HD500 Psychrometer + 30:1 IR Thermometer_THUMBNAIL
Combines the functions of a Humidity Meter, Type K Thermometer, and IR Thermometer
$269.99 Pricing

RH300 Psychrometer Hygro-thermometer_THUMBNAIL
Measure humidity, temp, dew point, wet bulb & probe temperature.
$99.99 Pricing

RH350 Super Heat Psychrometer_THUMBNAIL
Temperature, RH, wet bulb, dew point, and two type-K external probes
$149.99 Pricing

RH390 Precision Psychrometer Hygro-Thermometer_THUMBNAIL
Highest RH accuracy--2%-- with fast 30 second response time
$199.99 Pricing

RH401 Psychrometer plus Infrared Thermometer_THUMBNAIL
Temp, RH, wet bulb, dew point and surface temps all in one handy meter
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