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Regin S220 Smoke Pen.  Find air leaks around windows, doors, and ductwork. THUMBNAIL
Persistent white tracer smoke--great for checking air flow patterns and performing leak tests. Our most popular smoke-generating product!

S220-CASE Carry Case for Regin Smoke Pen THUMBNAIL
Zippered carry case for Regin Smoke Pen

S221 Regin Refill wicks, 6/pkg.  Replacement wicks for the S220 Regin Smoke Pen.  FREE SHIPPING from MeterMall USA THUMBNAIL
Refill wicks for Regin Smoke Pen

CO101 Regin CO Carbon MonoxideBump Tester. Bump-test commercial CO monitors safely, economically, reliably. THUMBNAIL
Bump test commercial CO detectors

CO221 Replacement Wicks for Regin CO Carbon Monoxide Bump Tester THUMBNAIL
Bump test commercial CO detectors

Regin S210-100 Smoke Matches; 30 seconds, 20 cu ft dense smoke for air flow studies THUMBNAIL
Strike like a match. 30 second burn, 20 cubic feet of smoke
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