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407355 Noise Dosimeter/Datalogger with PC Interface THUMBNAIL
Measure total sound exposure over an 8-hour period
$699.00 Pricing

407355-KIT-5 Noise Dosimeter/Datalogger Kit THUMBNAIL
Kit includes 5 Personal Noise Dosimeters, Sound Level Calibrator and Carry Case

407730 Digital Sound Level Meter THUMBNAIL
Analog bargraph with 50dB range. Update every 40 ms
$89.99 Pricing

407732 Low/High Range Sound Level Meter THUMBNAIL
Dual-range, type 2, digital sound level meter with backlit LCD
$199.99 Pricing

407732-KIT Low/High Range Sound Level Meter Kit THUMBNAIL
Digital sound level meter with 94dB sound calibrator and carrying case
$439.99 Pricing

407750 Sound Level Meter with PC Interface THUMBNAIL
Type 2 meter with PC interface, big back-lit display and background sound absorber for machine noise measurements
$279.99 Pricing

407768 Sound Level Meter with PC Interface THUMBNAIL
Type 2 meter with PC interface, serial cable and Windows compatible software
$349.99 Pricing

407780 Integrating Sound Level Datalogger THUMBNAIL
Leq and SEL measurements with built-in datalogger and PC interface
$1,379.00 Pricing

407790 Real Time 1/3 Octave Band Analyzer THUMBNAIL
Type 2 integrating sound level meter with Octave and 1/3 Octave Band Real Time Display
$3,799.00 Pricing

HD600 Datalogging Sound Level Meter THUMBNAIL
Type 2 Datalogging Sound Meter with memory and USB port. Up to 20,000 data points.
$559.99 Pricing
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